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Talent Development: The Challenges of Developing Today's Talents

As business owners and leaders, developing our talents is one of the key tasks we need to accomplish if we want to not only see our business survive in today’s business landscape, but also grow and thrive.

However, developing talents is not an easy task. It not only requires us to ensure our development plans are aligned with our company’s vision, mission and goals, but also demands that we be prepared for the various challenges that come with talent development.

You may ask: “What challenges should I be prepared for?” Let’s find out!

1: Finding the right strategies

  • When we think of developing our talents, we may find lots of effective strategies out there.

  • However, have we considered the fact that these strategies may not be the right one for our talents?

  • Different talents may have different perceptions and experiences, which in turn means they may or may not be comfortable with certain development strategies.

  • Thus, there is a need for business owners and leaders to fine-tune their talent development plans.

  • That way, our talents are able to make the most out of their talent development strategies.

2: Engaging talents and employees

  • Developing our talents isn’t just about finding the right strategies for them.

  • It’s also about engaging and communicating about the value of their learning and development to them.

  • In today's business landscape, it is a challenge to get our talents to focus on their personal development due to other tasks that require that attention.

  • As such, we business leaders and owners need to find ways to balance our talents’ development while ensuring they can complete their tasks and responsibilities at work.

3: Consistent talent development sessions

  • Too often we have seen organizations and businesses develop their talents only once or twice a year.

  • In some businesses, this only happens whenever new talents are joining the organization.

  • Talent development is not, and should never be, a one-time-only matter.

  • When our talent development strategies are not executed in a consistent manner, our people may not fully benefit from these strategies.

  • This, in turn, beats the purpose of us investing into talent development strategies.

  • With this in mind, we need to find ways to ensure that our talent development efforts are performed on a consistent basis.

4: Measuring talent development progress

  • We may be able to conduct our talent development plans successfully.

  • However, HOW do we know if our development plans are successful?

  • One of the challenges we business owners and employers need to overcome is finding an effective way to measure our people’s growth.

  • For example, are they applying their learnings and new mindsets into their daily operations?

  • Or are they still doing things the same way they used to do?

These are but some of the possible challenges we business owners and employers may face when investing into talent development strategies. In fact, as business owners and employers we are likely to face challenges that may affect our talents’ development if we do not take the right actions.

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