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Personality Traits and Job Success

In our previous article on personality traits, we talked about what personality traits are, and why they matter in the workplace. Missed it? Don't worry, you can read it here.

As a continuation of that article, let’s talk about how personality traits can play an important role in determining our employees and talents’ job performance, or success at work.

You may ask: “Are personality traits that important in the workplace?”

Here’s our reasons why:

1. It affects our job performance

  • Job performance is about how well are our people at their jobs.

  • Personality traits may be beneficial, or harmful, for our people's job performance.

  • For example, employees who are motivated at work tend to have greater job performance than those who don't.

2. It affects employee job tenures

  • Job tenure refers to how long a certain employee or talent has been working with us.

  • Why, then, are personality traits important here?

  • It affects how long our people stay, or how likely are they to stay.

  • Employees who are conscientious and committed to their work have better job tenures.

  • Those who don't, or are poor at managing stress and conflicts at work, may end up leaving or experiencing turnovers.

3. Personality traits are key to career success

  • You may be wondering: "Do personality traits really affect our career success?"

  • Yes, they CAN be important keys to career success in many ways.

  • As an example, certain personality traits, such as extraversion and agreeableness, can be advantageous for us at work.

  • Personality traits also impact how we cope with stress, handle conflicts, and manage our relationships with the people around us.

4. It is beneficial for our business performance

  • Ultimately, our personality traits are key to great business performance, both on a personal and organizational level.

  • Why? Because these traits are important for various aspects of any business or project.

  • As an example, people with different personalities can either complement or clash with each other,

  • This may affect the effectiveness of scenarios requiring teamwork and collaboration.

  • These traits are also key to customer satisfaction and loyalty, as certain traits are best suited for such a role.

Want to know how Personality Traits, when applied with the right scientific tools and the right coaching in the workplace, can help your organization and empower your people? Contact us today at or via +60163119908 now to know more!


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