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Integrating the Hands, Head and Heart Leadership Approach into Our Workplace

In our previous article, we talked about the Hands, Head and Heart approach to leadership, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect in this leadership method.

For today, however, one of our readers has brought up an interesting question:

“How can we, as leaders and business owners, integrate the Hands, Head and Heart approach into our workplace, daily operations and among our people?”

Let’s find out together!

1. Hands (Skills and Competencies)

  • The Hands approach focuses on our people's skills and competencies.

  • Thus, implementing this approach into our workplace requires us to focus on taking action.

  • For example, we can invest into training programs and continuous skill development for ourselves and our employees.

  • This ensures that everyone has the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

  • We can also delegate tasks based on our people's competencies, as well as encourage them to take ownership of their work.

  • That way, they feel that they are in charge and actually doing something at work.

2. Head (Intellectual and Strategic Thinking)

  • When it comes to the Head approach, investing into intellectual and strategic thinking is key.

  • For starters, we need to develop a clear vision and mission for our organization, as well as long-term strategic plans that align with them.

  • The Head approach is also one that encourages a culture of critical thinking and problem-solving among our people.

  • Thus, we should address challenges with data-driven solutions.

  • Fostering creativity and innovation within our team, as well as encouraging new ideas and approaches to improve processes and products is also how we can implement this approach in the workplace.

3. Heart (Emotional Intelligence and People-Centric Approach)

  • The Heart approach emphasizes our emotional intelligence and ability to connect with others.

  • We can start by cultivating empathy, via actively listening to our people, understanding their concerns and providing emotional support when needed.

  • Open and transparent communication is also important for this approach.

  • We can do so by keeping our team informed about changes, challenges, and successes.

4. Lead by Example

  • We can learn all sorts of strategies and leadership approaches.

  • However, what matters most is that we practice what we preach.

  • After all, if we only talk about it without taking action, these approaches to leadership would not work or become effective.

As leaders and business owners, integrating the Hands, Head and Heart leadership approach into our workplace and daily operations isn't just key to ensuring smooth operations at work, but also achieving results and nurturing positive relationships.

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