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Happiness at Work (part 2): The Benefits of a Happy Workplace, and How to Create One

In our previous article, we talked about what constitutes a happy workplace, and why it should matter for both employers and employees.

Today, let’s find out more about the benefits of having a happy workplace atmosphere and how we can help in the creation of such a workplace.

Quick Recap

Before we start, let’s have a quick recap on why a happy workplace should matter for everyone in the workplace:

  1. Happy employees in the workplace are successful employees

  2. Happiness at work creates employees have the right attitude

  3. Happiness inspires creativity

  4. People like to work with happy people

The Benefits of a Happy Workplace

Still unsure of why you should take the effort to create a happy workplace for your people? Here are some of the benefits of your hard work:

1) A more appealing business

  1. Employees enjoy businesses that appeal to them not only in terms of the salary, but how their workplace treats them.

  2. If your people enjoy coming to work in your workplace, they will strive to become better at handling their company’s daily operations and challenges faced.

  3. In turn, your clients will find that their investment into your products and services is worth the price, and will continue to subscribe to you.

  4. They might even promote you to other potential clients and customers.

2) Retains employees

  1. Having a happy workplace doesn’t just attract and retain customers, it also does the same too for your people.

  2. If your employees enjoy their work in your workplace, they’re less likely to pack up for greener pastures elsewhere.

  3. They will go the extra mile and tell others of their experiences here too, which is more than likely to attract new talents who wish to experience your happy workplace.

3) Helps maintain your brand’s reputation

  1. When you invest into a happy workplace, not only will your employees be performing at their best (and happiest), they will ensure the products and services provided are of top standards.

  2. In turn, this will not only attract more potential clients to your business, but also helps boost your brand’s reputation as one with the highest quality within the business landscape.

Stay tuned for our next blog post as we will share with you some quick tips on how you can create a happy working environment for your people.


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