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Happiness at Work (part 1): Why Creating a Happy Workplace Matters for You and Me

Did you know? The United Nations has established March 20 as The International Day of Happiness celebrated throughout the world in order to remind us that being happy is a human right and worth celebrating!

Happiness doesn’t have to be just on a single day in the year, however. In line with this joyous occasion, let’s find out how we can come together to create a happy workplace for everyone!

What is a happy workplace?

We understand, people may be thinking: “What’s a happy workplace?” People may think workplace happiness is about having everyone have bright smiles at their offices, or being able to make jokes with each other on friendly terms.

No, workplace happiness isn’t just about these alone.

Workplace happiness is also about knowing that everyone’s opinions matter in their workplace’s bigger picture, and that everyone is making progress for the benefit of both themselves and their company.

Why does workplace happiness matter?

Here are our reasons why workplace happiness should matter for you, your organization and your people:

1) Happy employees are successful employees

  1. Employees who genuinely enjoy their work are more productive, happier, and more successful.

  2. They have greater overall performance in their assigned roles, and bring about greater successes for both themselves and their workplace.

2) Happiness at work creates employees have the right attitude

  1. When our people aren’t happy, their attitude towards work falters.

  2. This leads to them having lower performance and less creative input compared to their happier colleagues.

  3. Happy employees, on the other hand, have a positive can-do attitude that allows them to succeed.

3) Happiness inspires creativity

  1. Without creativity in what we do, the end result of our output is less likely to attract potential clients for the company or lead their workplace to success.

  2. Happy employees are inspired, creative employees who will create the solutions your business needs to draw in new customers and succeed in their respective fields.

4) People like to work with happy people

  1. Ask yourself, would you work with someone who enjoys their work, or someone who complains about work all the time?

  2. Chances are everyone prefers the former to be your colleague or sales representative, right?

  3. When your employees are happy with what they do at work, they are more likely to work for the common good of everyone including themselves, their colleagues and the company.

  4. Happy employees are also supportive of team-building efforts within their workplace, as they understand how a happy and well-connected team can lead their team to success.

Now that you understand the importance of a happy workplace, why are you still waiting for? Start raising your employees’ happiness levels at work today! After all, a happy workplace is a successful one! Reach out to us at Leadworkz to find out how you can create a happy workplace in your organization for your people.


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