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Hands, Head and Heart: An Approach to Leadership

As business owners and leaders, we want to make sure we can do our best to lead our people to success. In particular, we need to have a strategy that can motivate, energize and engage our talents and team members if we wish to achieve success and deliver what we promise to our clients and customers.

One such way we can accomplish this is through the “Hands, Head and Heart” approach to leadership. What is this, you ask? Let’s find out!

Understanding this approach

The “Hands, Head and Heart” leadership approach emphasizes balancing between three different leadership qualities and skills. These are:

1. Hands

  • We use our hands to complete tasks and actions in life.

  • This also applies to our leadership skills too.

  • A “Hands”-oriented leader is one who gets things done, sets a clear goal and direction, as well as being one who makes decisions, and takes action to ensure these decisions are followed through.

  • They are seen as competent and capable individuals who can drive results.

2. Head

  • Just as we use our hands to complete actions, we use our heads too to think of the results and consequences of our actions.

  • The “Head” in the Hands, Head and Heart leadership approach refers to our intellectual and strategic aspects when we lead others.

  • A leader with a strong "Head" possesses critical thinking skills, strategic vision, and the ability to analyze complex situations.

  • They can make informed decisions, plan for the future, and see the big picture.

3. Heart

  • You may ask, “What does the Heart mean in leadership?”

  • The "Heart" signifies the emotional and relational aspect of leadership, where we make the effort to understand and connect with others.

  • A leader with a strong "Heart" is one who is empathetic, compassionate, and skilled in building relationships.

  • They are able to understand and connect with their team members on a personal level.

  • This, in turn, helps with fostering trust and collaboration between the leader and their people.

There is more to the “Hands, Head and Heart” leadership approach than just their individual components alone. Stay tuned for more as we explain the strengths and drawbacks of each component, and how we can be “hands-head-heart whole” leaders for our organizations!

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