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Empowering Employees with Goal-Setting: How to Encourage Goal-setting in the Workplace

As business owners and employers, having a clear goal is the key to success in our business dealings, and this applies to our people too. When we have goals that we can work towards, it drives them to perform at their best at work.

In our previous article, we talked about goal setting and how it empowers our employees in their daily operations at work.

As business owners and leaders, here are some ways to encourage goal-setting among our employees at work:

1. Individual Development Plans

  • As leaders, we can encourage goal-setting among our employees by encouraging them to create their own individual development plans.

  • These plans should include specific, measurable and time-bound goals created by the employees themselves.

  • That way, not only do employees feel that they are in charge of their own development, they are more likely to accomplish their goals too.

2. Leadership Support

  • A role we leaders can perform to encourage goal-setting among our people at work is to demonstrate leadership support to them. But how can we do so?

  • For starters, we can help our people create and align their goals with our company’s objectives at work.

  • Setting clear expectations also helps as it gives our people a clear idea of what needs to be done to achieve their set goals.

3. Regular Check-ins

  • Setting goals isn’t just about setting them, but also ensuring that they are achieved.

  • While encouraging our employees to set goals is a great idea, we also can, and need to, ensure that they are able to complete and achieve these goals.

  • As an example, we can implement check-ins with our people on a regular basis.

  • This allows us to discuss their progress with them.

  • Doing so also allows us to provide guidance for our people if need be.

4. Rewards and Recognition

  • When our people meet or exceed their goals, we leaders can recognize and reward our employees for these achievements.

  • Doing so shows that we appreciate their growth and efforts.

  • In turn,  this motivates our people to further improve themselves at work.

  • This leads to better performance and output from our people too.

There's more to it than the methods we mentioned above. We hope that you can use these methods as a stepping stone to encourage goal-setting among your people.

Do you need help with encouraging goal-setting among your people? If your answer is “Yes”, don’t wait! Contact us today at or +60163119908 to know more!


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