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Connect, Communicate, and Celebrate: The Winning Formula for Engaging Your Talented Team

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers”.

These words, spoken by the late Professor Stephen R. Covey, show us his beliefs on engaging with our people. If we, as leaders and business owners, don’t treat our employees like how we treat our customers and clients, can we expect them to stay engaged in what they do?

Thus, in this week’s article, we’ll share with you some of our best tips on engaging with your people and keeping them motivated in the workplace.

Quick Recap

Before we dive into our main topic of the day, here’s a quick recap on employee engagement and its importance.

Employee engagement is defined as “how enthusiastic, or dedicated, an employee is towards their job”. It is important, not just for the employee, but also their organization and workplace because:

  1. Engaging with your employees boosts their productivity levels,

  2. It helps you retain your talents in the workplace,

  3. It ensures your customers get the best services from your people, and

  4. Ultimately it leads to better profits and growth for the organization.

So, the question you may have now is: “How do I engage with my people effectively?”

At Leadworkz, here are some of our tips to help you better engage and connect with your employees:

(1) Get to know your people

  • Getting to know your people is the simplest way to engage with our people.

  • It’s also an effective way to engage with them too.

  • By learning more about them, from their families, to backgrounds and personal goals, we can build a better rapport with them.

  • That way, our people feel that we care for them as individuals.

(2) Communicate clearly and constantly

  • Constant and clear communication are both necessary steps to engaging with our people in the workplace.

  • When our people are communicated to, it helps them understand their roles in the organization.

  • It also helps them stay updated on the goings-on in the company’s management and decision-making.

(3) Investing in employee growth

  • Some of you may ask, “How can investing into my people’s growth engage them?”

  • When we invest into our people’s growth, we aren’t just improving their skills or investing into our organization’s futures.

  • We are also fostering a sense of loyalty and appreciation among our people.

  • After all, any employee would love a workplace that not only appreciates their efforts, but also takes steps to support them in their career.

(4) Celebrating & Crediting good work

  • According to a Forbes study, at least two out of three employees would consider changing jobs if they feel unappreciated by their current workplace.

  • One of the easiest ways we can prevent this is by celebrating & giving credits for their efforts at work.

  • Recognizing our employees’ efforts is one of the simplest ways to engage with them.

  • Doing so doesn’t just make them feel valued for their work, it also helps them direct their future efforts in the right direction too.

Are you interested in engaging with your people, but are not sure how to approach this matter? Fret not! Contact us via our email at or via +6016-3119908 now to know more about how we can help you engage with your people!


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