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Common Misconceptions of Talent Development among SME owners and CEOS

In today’s business landscape, having a purposeful, strategic, and people-centric workforce is a key factor in determining our success. Thus, we business owners, CEOs and employers will (and should) find ways to ensure our workforce is prepared for their roles at work.

However, even if we do believe in the importance of talent development for our employees, some of us may have beliefs that can hamper this process.

Here are some examples of beliefs that can limit our talent development processes:

1) "We can't afford to invest in talent development right now."

  • A common excuse, or belief, that some business owners may have is that they cannot afford to invest into talent development.

  • They may also say they’re waiting for the right opportunity to do so.

  • Our question is: “Why wait?”

  • Talent development can bring about various benefits for both a business and its people.

2) "Our employees aren't interested in professional development."

  • When it comes to our talents’ personal development, some of them may be reluctant for various reasons.

  • For example, they may not have the time and resources to allocate towards professional development.

  • They may also feel unconfident towards professional development because they aren’t sure if it is beneficial for them in the long run.

  • As employers and business leaders, we can communicate with our people on professional development matters and help them be prepared for it.

  • That way, our people won’t feel intimidated or reluctant to participate in professional development.

3) “We only need to invest into talent development once.”

  • Some business owners believe that talent development is a one-off event that doesn’t need much attention.

  • They may also think that it is for senior employees or those with high potential.

  • However, that’s not true.

  • Talent development is for everyone, be it fresh recruits or senior employees.

4) "Our company is too small for talent development to make a significant impact."

  • Some of us may have small companies with less than 20, or even 10 people.

  • Does that mean we should skip on talent development? NO.

  • Talent development can make a significant impact even when an organization has a small number of employees and talents.

There are more to these solutions when it comes to creating a purposeful workforce. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait! Start taking the necessary actions today if you wish to create a workforce that can lead your organization and people to success!

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