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A Further Deep-dive into the Hands, Head and Heart Leadership Approach

In our previous article, we talked about the Hands, Head and Heart approach to leadership.

Some of you may ask: “Which is the best approach between these three?”

Before we can answer this question, it is important for us to understand the strengths and flaws of each component of this leadership approach. Let’s find out!

The Strengths and Flaws of each approach:

1. Hands (Doing)

  • The Hands approach of leadership emphasizes taking action.

  • People who follow this approach focus on getting things done, and obtaining visible outcomes.

  • They are also leaders who believe in taking responsibility for their actions and outcomes..

  • Conversely, if we leaders are too focused on taking action, we might end up having a short-term focus.

  • This can hinder long-term strategic planning for our organization.

  • We may also experience burnout if we keep focusing on accomplishing goals without taking a rest in between.

2. Head (Thinking)

  • People who believe in the Head approach of leadership tend to think strategically and critically.

  • They tend to make long-term goals and well-informed decisions based on analysis and data.

  • In addition, they also promote the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills when facing challenges.

  • Conversely, too much time and focus spent on thinking can hinder timely decision-making and planning.

  • It can also lead to non-feasible or impractical plans or strategies.

  • Leaders who spend too much time thinking may also start losing touch with the realities their people face in daily operations.

3. Heart (Feeling)

  • When it comes to the Heart aspect of leadership, leaders who follow this approach emphasize empathy and emotional intelligence while avoiding conflicts if possible.

  • This, in turn, has numerous benefits, ranging from inspiring and motivating team members effectively, to enhancing our relationships with our people.

  • It also encourages a positive team culture between us leaders and our people, which results in higher morale and collaboration.

  • However, focusing too much on human relationships can lead to problems in the long run.

  • For starters, being overly reliant on our emotions to make decisions can cause favoritism and biases in our decision-making.

  • Constantly avoiding conflicts among our people also blinds us to potential issues that may harm our leadership approach.

So, what is the best approach among the three aspects of the Hands, Head and Heart leadership approach?

Our answer is: "All three of them."

As leaders, effective leadership often requires a balance of all three aspects. If we leaders can integrate the strengths of each aspect while mitigating their respective weaknesses, we are more likely to excel in our roles as the leaders of our people. That way, we are clear on when to take action, when to think strategically, and when to connect emotionally with our people.

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