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5 biggest mistakes CEO/employers made in creating a purposeful workforce

In the business landscape, having a purposeful, strategic, and people-centric workforce is a key factor in determining our success. Thus, we business owners, CEOs and employers need to (and should be) finding ways to ensure our workforce is prepared for their roles at work.

There are, however, mistakes that we should avoid, especially as the business owners, CEOs and employers of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) as these may prevent us from having a well-prepared workforce.

What are these mistakes? Let’s find out!

1) Not having a clear and compelling purpose

  1. Not having a clear and compelling purpose is like driving without any destination.

  2. When our business lacks a well-defined and communicated mission, vision, and goal, it can lead to confusion among employees about the company's long-term objectives and direction.

  3. This leads to reduced productivity, motivation and engagement among employees.

  4. Additionally, without a sense of purpose our employees may make decisions that aren’t aligned with what we do.

  5. This, in turn, hinders effective decision-making and teamwork among our people.

2) Focusing too much on short-term goals

  1. Now, having goals for both short-term and long-term is beneficial for any SME’s growth, as it gives everyone a direction to work towards.

  2. However, too much focus on short-term goals can instead become a detriment, especially among our workforce.

  3. When we focus too much on short-term goals, our people may experience heightened stress and pressure to meet short-term targets.

  4. This can cause them to become burnt out and have reduced job satisfaction.

  5. In the long run, it can even lead to high turnover rates, decreased morale, and hindered potential among our people too.

3) Neglecting employee development

  1. Employees are a major asset for any organization, no matter big or small.

  2. Thus, investing into their development is a must for any business owner, CEO or employer.

  3. If we fail to ensure our employees are developed and groomed properly, our people may feel undervalued and not appreciated.

  4. In turn, they might become disengaged at their jobs.

  5. This also worsens their engagement, productivity and performance at work.

4) Failing to communicate effectively

  1. A clear and effective line of communication is important for any business.

  2. It ensures everyone is aware of their organization’s vision, mission, goals and overall business direction.

  3. Without effective communication, misunderstandings, misaligned goals, and decreased collaboration may occur frequently among our employees.

  4. Important messages may get lost or misinterpreted.

  5. This, in turn, can hinder effective decision-making among our people.

  6. It also stops them from doing their jobs effectively, because their time will be spent on figuring out what to do instead of actually doing their jobs properly.

5) Not valuing diversity and inclusion

  1. Having diverse groups of employees from different backgrounds is beneficial for any organization.

  2. This helps provide us with diverse perspectives and experiences, which is key to our people’s creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills.

  3. When we do not value diversity and inclusion among our people, they may feel hesitant to provide their ideas and feedback.

  4. This stifles any potential they may have for fresh ideas and perspectives, some of which can potentially be beneficial for the organization as a whole.

These are but only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mistakes we business owners, CEOs and employers, especially those from SMEs, can make when it comes to creating a purposeful, strategic, and people-centric workforce. Thus, we need to ensure that we avoid these mistakes as it can be costly both for our businesses’ operations and success.

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