Talent Development Advisory

What is Talent Development Advisory?

Many companies reckoned that employees is the key to a successful business and there are the talents that represent the company. An effective talent today goes beyond having good business knowledge, technology savvy and accumulated corporate experiences.   Successful and sustainable talent requires certain key characters such as powering up self- motivation in personal mental attitude and positive behaviour.   Employees that own these qualities often are the employees that will lead with transformational changes and shaping effective organisational culture, influential to team and customers.  

From improving the productivity to building the right mentality for the talents, creating the productive employees with the right attitude is a challenging process.  So the question here is that what does it take to put the right talents in business?

In order to design an effective talent development roadmap, a company must approach this   task strategically.  However many HR individuals are buried in the operational routine, leaving LITTLE to NO time for them in executing the strategic talent development activities.

With this understanding in mind, Leadworkz has developed a talent development model to address the concerns faced by many organizations.  Leadworkz Talent Development Advisory (TDA) is a customized program by Leadworkz aimed to support and assist company in developing, executing and monitoring the whole strategic talent development journey via a multi prongs approach.  At Leadworkz, where we start our planning by determining ‘WHY’ instead of ‘HOW’ and ‘WHAT’ of talent development.

Leadworkz TDA In Action 


We will design Business Alignment Bootcamp (BAB) after we understand the inspiration and vision/mission of company moving forward.


This program is critical to act as the starting points of company’s Talent Development Journey where we will ensure all leaders are align toward this direction of growth. 

With leadership in sync, we next would formulate Employee Onboarding Program (EOP) where we will have everyone in the company to appreciate this company direction in building a conducive & productive business. Execution at this level is critical as employees are the most important asset in achieving this goal.


Enriching the skills employees needed to support their personal and company growth is the next phase we will execute in our Talent Development Journey. Training the right skills to the right employees will produce he upmost values and productivity improvement for the benefit of both company and trainee. 

The myth of “training will solve employee productivity challenge” is a conventional and outdated method that proven to be wrong for a long time. We tend to forget that we are trying to change human via training, which is impossible nowadays as humanity has change so much from the 1950 when we first started automation/specialization when we assumed human will work base on what human were trained.


Employees now are a lot more humane, intelligence and exposed to the world where they will not be easily impressed and subjected to directive. Motivating, coaching and guiding employee shall be the right way moving forward in creating happy and productive employees.


We celebrate the success of our talent development journey by having all of us together during team bonding moment. Building human emotion and energy in togetherness is the next big step toward building a great company. Having fun while learning and improve together within the team during games will be an exciting and memorable memory reminding how fun and how good is the feeling of achieving heights together. 

Our team bonding architects who had conducted hundreds of sessions for thousands of participants will carefully craft the team bonding activities working closely with our customised talent development journey map, making sure all their critical knowledge that we’ve downloaded onto the employees will be relearned again via fun filled games.


Activity based learning will come in complementary to further strengthen the earlier classes that employees attended, and this proven to be very effective and durable in knowledge acquisition and practicality.


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