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Why building talents is critical for your business?

Why Talent Development Advisory (TDA)?

Employees, also known as the talents of a company, are a business' most valuable asset. Developing, growing and engaging the employees at all levels are a vital part of a company's success and yet it is something that is often overlooked. Thus, creating a comprehensive talent development journey for the organization in a purposeful, clear and strategic manner is crucial in ensuring the survival and growth of a business.

Talent development is a critical, strategic and delicate task that requires a dedicated team with both high IQ (subject matter expert) and EQ (emotional engagement). It must align with the company's vision and mission, as well as be centered around the interest of the talents.

There are a few challenges a company will face if the development and growth of the talents in the company are not properly addressed, which include:

Expectations gap - Unclear and unfulfilled expectations from both the company and employees will lead to low productivity and morale among talents. On the other hand, an engaged employee will have greater job satisfaction and loyalty, which will lead to the improvement of a company's retention rate.

Skills gap - The lack of required skills and competencies to produce highly effective and productive talents. When we neglect the skills development of our employees, we are at risk of getting left behind. It is known that companies with highly engages employees perform as much as 3.5 times better. Thus, the success of our business and employees is an all-encompassing benefit of introducing an effective and comprehensive talent development plan.

Cultural gap - Cultural misalignment between the organization and talents can lead to a lack of ownership and sense of belonging among the talents in the organization. This negative work culture can have a detrimental effect on the overall work environment. When the employees are aligned with the company direction, we can maintain high levels of team morale. Investing in an effective talent development program is investing in a harmonious work environment.

Service gap - The quality of service offered to customers is a primary focus in everyday business activities for all companies. When a company does not strategically grow and develop their employees, it is at risk of poor customer service from unmotivated employees. The motivation, enthusiasm and commitment shown by engaged employees makes all the difference to customer service success.

What makes us different?

Our Unique & Proven Methodology


Our Vision

To be the industry leader in organizational Talent Development Advisory Services.

Our Mission

To support and assist an organization's talent development journey via a series of personalized training programmes with both employer and employee's alignment, skill enrichment and engagement in mind.

Our Motivation

To create a purposeful and motivated industry that produces best results in all areas of business, and aligning all levels of staff toward a shared goal, enriching their skillset and constantly engaging them.

How does the Talent Development Advisory Services (TDAS) Roadmap work?


TDAS Process Roadmap

Exploration - In this phase, we help you understand what is needed to grow and build your talents through our needs assessments, and why is it important.

Designing Journey Plan - In this phase, we work together with you to map out and design a personalized talent development journey plan for your business and organization.
Execution and Monitoring - In this phase, we help you implement your talent development journey plan and monitor the progress flow of your plan throughout this process.
Evaluation and Recommendation - In this phase, we help you assess the outcome of your journey with us via evaluation and feedback. At the same time, we also offer professional recommendations from our TDAS advisor on your next possible steps.

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